Does the Qur’an have any scientific Miracles?

To Muslims: What makes you believe in Islam? Shouldn’t everyone ask themselves this question – what kind of evidence are there to prove the Quran is the words of God? Or is your belief solely based on blind faith?

Muslim scholars claim that one of the most remarkable evidence that proves that the Quran is the words of God are the bunch of scientific verses presented in the Quran, those verses are regarded as miracles because it foresaw modern discoveries in many fields in science such as astronomy, geology and embryology. The fundamentalist Islamic scholars even claim that the Quran miraculously prophesied many invention of modern science and some contemporary scientific breakthroughs such as space travel, aerodynamics, engineering and inter-planetary travel, and elucidation of genetic code etc

 Those ‘scientific miracles’ are probably one of the main factors leading people to accept Islam, it is taught to children since early age in schools in all Muslim countries to make sure the new generations will remain devoted to Islam and hoping that those verses will bridge the gap between religion and secular sciences.

 Muslims worldwide tend to cite alleged scientific miracles in the Qur’an and Hadiths frequently, because they find pride, confidence and satisfaction in those verses, since it convinces them that they’re following a true religion. Numerous web sites, books and videos have been produced that proclaim Islam to be truly a religion of divine origin.

 Here are snapshots taken from some of the top sites dedicted to explain those so-called scientific miracles:


The main question remains: How accurate are those verses? Are those claims creditable? Can we trust the sources of such claims?

Everything described or mentioned in the Qoran perfectly matches the knowledge in the 7th century, people back then had no problem undertsanding or accepting the Quran teachings. Quran did not make any scientific statement that was seen absurd in its time. There is no supernatural force behind Muhammad’s scientific information. The Only modern re-re-interpretation has led to the misleading claims that there are scientific miracles in this book. Those re-interruptions were needed NOT to prove the Quran is of divine origin but to correct the scientific errors in the Quran.

Those claims have been easily debunked by genuine scientist and Arabic linguistics. “While the Muslims argued that advanced scientific knowledge in the Qur’an is a sign of divine origin, the rational thinker points out that the numerous and obvious scientific errors point to a wholly human origin”(Mumin Salih)

 Argument: The Quran should not be looked at as a book of science

 Of course the Quran is not a book of science; it addresses the Muslim faith and way of life. However, within the Quran, there are many verses that describe the ‘wonder’ of God’s creation, some of those scientific verses are very questionable, while others are bluntly wrong, Now if you compare those with what is found in science as final proven fact –magic happens- it does not match! When you ask Muslim scholars they fail to give valid explanations or at least rational arguments. Is it too much to ask?

 Most Muslims refuse to debate this topic (accuracy of the Quranic-Scientific verses), they would say they’re not knowledgeable enough to interrupt the Quranic verses and they suggest people to read the work of creditable scholars. Fine, let it be! Lets look at the intruption given by those ‘Miracle Specialists.

 The Strategy of the ‘Miracle specialist’:

Without any doubt in their minds, the miracle scientists believe that the Quran is Allah’s revelations to Mohammed. Therefore, everything in the Quran must be absolutely accurate. This is their starting point, which they fully believe to be an absolute fact. Everything else in life must give in to maintain the integrity of this absolute belief. When the Quran doesn’t agree with commonsense or logical thinking then these has to be adapted/modified to conform with the Quranic logic. If the Quran disagrees with some scientific principles then a Muslim must dismiss those scientific principles as wrong, even if they appear to be correct in view of the overwhelming evidence. The scientific evidence might change in the future (with Allah’s willing), but the Quran will never change.

True Muslims will have no reservation in challenging the most basic scientific fact, if it is not in line with the Quranic teachings. Their golden rule is that Allah is always right while everything else can be wrong. There is no problem with true Muslims in admitting that even when all the available evidence points to the truth of a scientific fact, but if that fact is not in line with Quranic teachings, it simply does not become a fact at all! Any true Muslim will choose to be with Allah even when it is against the whole world. However, these true Muslims understand that not all Muslims have a perfect faith like theirs; therefore, proving that Quran is in harmony with science is always welcome.

These so-called miracle specialists developed a strategy to solve any incompatibility between Quran and science. The Quran is made of words that cannot be changed while human understanding can be changed. Arabic dictionaries and tafseer (interpretation) books are not divine; therefore, can be changed.

 Muslim Scholar-Dr. Zakir Naik:

 One of the most famous Muslim scholars is Dr. Zakir Naik (a Doctor in medicine & islam), he is a brilliant man who knows both the Quran and bible by heart. However, after reading his articles and listening to his debates, its obvious how misleading he is; his arguments are senseless, his answers were only appealing to Muslims, who rush to clap for him after each sentence without even caring about the creditability of his sources or even questioning the validity of his scientific mythology. Moreover, he uses the Quran as a source of evidence, rather than trying to prove it right. He doesn’t seem to follow the genuine-secular scientific process used to investigate any hypothesis t i.e. he needs to find evidence that supports the Quranic verses, then he should draw a rational conclusion based on the evidence found, rather than starting off from the conclusion that the Quran is the words of god and then trying to squeeze in science to those simple verses using deceiving tactics.

 Muslim scholars resort to using deceiving tactics, fallacies and clever reinterpretation of simple and vague verses to convince others that’s the Quran is of divine origin. One of their most common tactics is manipulating and twisting the meanings of some verses to match what was found in science. The meanings of the some words are deliberately changed or altered; by giving the word a new definition or even a multiple ‘different’ definitions , where ALL those definitions are collectively used to help prove the validity of the Quran. Isn’t that a way tooo deceiving? How come today words are given random new definitions that aren’t found any Arabic dictionary? Plus those new definitions are only used to explain the verses in the Quran; it was never used in the old days nor today. The only motive behind those new definitions is to prove the Quran’s validity.

 “The Quran describes itself as the clear book (alkitab almubeen); in other words, it is written in clear language. In theory, every one with a reasonable understanding of Arabic should be able to understand the Quran.  So, when one finds the Quran to be ambiguous, it must be that either the Quran is not accurate in describing itself as a clear book, therefore not a divine book, or those claims are wrong, which again leads to the conclusion that it is not a divine book!”- (Mumin Salih)

 There are different forms of the Arabic language, the Quran’s language is written using the old standard North Arabic which is the form developed by Quraysh-Tribe (Mohammad’s tribe).  The Arabs of Mecca understood it perfectly, and they never had any difficulty in understanding the meanings of any words or verses. For centuries those definitions were accepted, and nobody doubted the explanations or the interruption of the Quranic verses, not until modern days when sever errors were found in the Quran, so deception is highly necessary to cover it up.

 -In the following post titled (Scientific errors in the Quran: the myth of Embryology), I will provide a detailed example of those deceiving tactics commonly used by Islamic scholars.

 Are you an objective researcher or a biased researcher?

 Most Muslims (and believers in general) are biased researchers; i.e. if the topic being debated is religion they only read sources that matches your own preferences and perspective. This has placed Muslims in an embarrassing situation numerous times, after some of the popular sources used by Muslims were proven to be forged.

 Example:  Moore & Buachaille work are probably one of the most famous studies cited by musmilms, both scientists claimed that they have found  science in the Quran, and confessed that the only explanation is that the Quran must have been revealed from allah (god in Arabic).

 What did Professor Keith Moore {scientist of anatomy and embryology in University of Toronto} say about Islam?

 “It has been a great pleasure for me to help clarify statements in the Qur’Ãn about human development. It is clear to me that these statements must have come to Muhammad from Allah, because almost all of this knowledge was not discovered until many centuries later. This proves to me that Muhammad must have been a messenger of Allah. [Professor Keith Moore, one of the world’s prominent scientists of anatomy and embryology. University of Toronto, Canada]”

Busting the scam:1) Websites on Islam -proudly list the name of scientists who claim that they have found science in the Quran. This snapshop is taken from the website(, which is dedicated to link science to the Quran-Link:

 Watch this vid: Top Scientists Comments on Scientific Miracles in the Quran

 2) Read the following two articles:-

a- Westerners Find $cience in the Quran!

b- Western Scientists Bribed, Duped into Endorsing "Quranic" Science

3) Connect the dots:

Moore and other scientists confidently stated that the Quran is the word of Allah based on their investigation. Hmmm how come they never converted? Could an OVERPAYED source be trusted?

None of those scientists has converted to Islam and they have all received massive paycheques from the Saudi government. They were payed to squeeze science into some selected verses given to them, of course they will accomplish the task, they twisted the words and its meanings as they pleased -how convenient? Even the worst of venal and greediest scientists have faked their conversion to Islam or given false impressions. All for $$$.

 If they were truly convinced the Quran was the words of god, “then they must be aware of the ‘severe punishments awaiting for the unbelievers. If they really believed that the Quran is a divine revelation then they should know that Allah does not compromise with the unbelievers, unless they also believe their good relations with the Saudis might make Allah forgive them. These two scientists made their claims and disappeared from the stage! They only appeared in Islamic sponsored meetings and refuse any interviews. They can only defend their claims in an Islamic environment when all they hear is praise and complements.’- (Mumin Salih)

Role of the Saudi-Government:

“Islamic movements were aware that Islam and science do not mix well, which is hardly a problem to any true Muslim, who always see Islam to be right and science to be wrong. However, if they want to make the religion more acceptable to others, whether Muslims or non-Muslims there are many questions to be answered. The rescue came from Maurice Bucaille, a French doctor who worked for the Saudi king and wrote a book in the 1970s about the Bible, the Quran and modern science. Oil money seems to have paid well. To the Islamists this is like winning the jackpot.

Saudi Arabia established a generously financed government organization whose purpose is not just solving the incompatibilities between the Quran and science but to go even further and claim that the Quran has many scientific miracles. They recruited Muslim scholars and scientists from around the world and targeted western scientists. This strategy apparently brought much successes.

To this point, I must say that I never met a friend or a colleague who carefully had read Maurice Bucaille book, although they all know about it. But that does not matter. What matters is the fact that a western Christian has admitted that the Quran is scientifically accurate. If a Muslim wrote such a book it would not make such an impact, as the material contained is not the issue, the author is. “- (Mumin Salih)

All Muslims are aware of the work of western scientists who claim they have found science in the Quranm, only handful of them have actually read those books to see if those findings are accurate or if it at least make sense. All what matters to muslims is that non-muslims have also found scinece in the Quran -How? or Why have they studied the Quran are all unneccesary details.

Rational thinking verses Blind Belief in a book full of flaws and errors:

 “To appreciate a Quranic miracle one needs to have an unlimited imagination and a willingness to believe what is against rational thinking.”- (Mumin Salih)

 If the Quran is truly the words of God, why cant Muslim scientists prove it logically with any fraud or dirty tactics. The verses in the Quran are quite simple, there isn’t any outstanding facts that weren’t already known in the 7th century. I cant find just one of those scientific verses that cannot be easily twisted or debunked!

 If the Quran is truly the words of god there should be NO contradictions or errors what so ever. As Avijit Roy puts it: “Islamic scholars should be able to show us at least one scientific principle that is disclosed in the Qur’an without using any mumbo jumbo words and hocus pocus boring tricks of difficulty with confusing translation of  the Qur’an”.

 As the words of a perfect being, the scientific accuracy of the verses should have been of such magnitude and objectivity that there could not be any scope of any dispute about them among humans and all would accept them like the scientific principles found in science text books.

 How can you accept religion solely based on blind faith? If science today has proven there are verses in the Quran that has obvious errors, then its about time to question the validity of the Quran. In this era we are programmed to accept only proven facts, we are also programmed to think critically regarding any topic given. Therefore, obviously there is no place for religion which is very much like an unproved hypothesis.

 That’s the problem with religion, it should be PERFECT if its true, you cannot ignore certain teachings, you cannot pick and choose what matches your own perspective. You should address the whole teachings as one package. Lets say if you reading a book and the author mentions few illogical things and absurd statements, you’ll simply dismiss the whole book and author will be considered unreliable and uncreditable. How about if this author was god?? How can god make such scientific, mathematical, and historical errors? You believe there is magnificent creator, yet you underestimate his powers/abilities? Why?


Many interruptions and arguments used by Islamic scholars are quite convincing if you haven’t read any other sources with different point of views,  you should consider all sides of the debate critically and objectively before drawing any conclusion, only then you’ll notice that the explanations that the Islamic scholars are offering are quite questionable, irrational, silly and deceiving, it simply does not stand a chance against rational scientific analysis and evidence.

“The Quran is a 7th century book that is full with scientific, historical and linguistic errors. It is impossible for any true, dedicated scientist to see any miracles in such a book. It even fails the test of morality when it asks humans to do acts against their instincts. Accepting slavery, treatment of women as inferiors and intolerance to criticism and freethinking are only few of the moral codes of the Quran. The Quran does not only contain one or two scientific errors, it is full with them. A book like this cannot be attributed to Allah. It is not divine but man-made.” (Mumin Salih)


 How Did The Issue of Scientific Miracles Come Up? A Historical Background and rise of ‘Miracle Specialists’-

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2 Responses to Does the Qur’an have any scientific Miracles?

  1. rabab panjtan says:

    You said that-“If the Quran is truly the words of God, why cant Muslim scientists prove it logically with any fraud or dirty tactics. The verses in the Quran are quite simple, there isn’t any outstanding facts that weren’t already known in the 7th century. I cant find just one of those scientific verses that cannot be easily twisted or debunked!”

    First of all, I would like to recommend you to read the almighty Quran thoroughly. Quran is not full of only scientific miracles but it also carries the knowledge of future. To study the miracles in Quran, you need to read the verses thoroughly. I will recommend you to read the verse no. 19 and 20 of surah Al’rahman. Read it and tell me through my e mail that what does it means and about which thing in the world is it talking about. Also tell me that had any scientist be able to know this fact. Further, if you are unable to answer correctly, I’ll tell its correct meaning.

    • maria911 says:

      Hey there! Sorry for the year-long late reply, i forgot about this blog 😛

      I have read the quran in Arabic (which happens to be my native language) as well as the tafseers.

      Interesting, can you provide me with an example where you felt that the Quran carriers the knowledge of future?

      As for the miracles, sorry to say they’re nothing but myths coated with deceit and lies. The aim of this article was to explain the strategy used by “scholars” to explain those “miracles”. I have provided an example in the following post titled: “Scientific errors in the Quran: the myth of Embryology!” –


      As for the verse (19:20) of surah Al’rahman, challenge accepted 😀

      The verse states: “He has let loose the two seas, converging together, with a forbidden barrier between them they do not break through”.


      Uhh first off, which two seas? The verse states ‘THE two seas’!?

      Anyways, Islamic scholars currently interrupt “two seas” to be a reference to waters of different salinities, one fresh and one salty with a barrier in-between, which means that the two seas converge together yet they do NOT mix together at all as indicated by the verse . Soo lets take this definition to break down the verse:

      1) You dont need a scientist dear, the existence of two seas flowing alongside each other is a well-known phenomena since per-islamic times, as it could be easily observed (fresh water is lighter than salty water) and sensed (taste).

      2) Moreover, the verse implies that there is no barrier that can be crossed/broken through. However, the separation of two bodies of water is only momentary/temporary and it only appears to be continuous because of the continued influx of new water coming in, with time they do converge and mix along its length.

      3) The idea that they do not mix at all is scientifically wrong! Have you heard about the concept of diffusion? Any two bodies of water with different saltine concentration brought together will mix by “diffusion” . There is no event where there will be zero mixing., these two waters will gradually start to mix by diffusion till they reach equilibrium. The process of diffusion and homogenization is constantly happening and there is no “forbidden barrier” which two bodies of water don’t transgress as is claimed in the Quran.

      Even a simple experiment anyone can do at home by pouring fresh and salt water in a cup and mixing them is enough to disprove the verse above.. ..come on that’s like basic school-level chemistry!

      In short, exactly like the embryology verses (discussed in the following post), this verse is simple and vague, and it matches what was commonly known in the per-islamic era. To top it all, it is in error.

      Hope that clarifies any misconceptions you might have 😉

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