The double standards & hypocrisy of mainstream religions


“I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” ~ Stephen F. Roberts



The double standards of the believers are astonishing! It can be divided into two categories as follows:

1) The defence -mechanism: believers tend to be selective in their loyalty to their version of god; they cherry-pick the few decent verses that portrays the good side of good god, while ignoring the hard passages which portrays the evil, vengeful, intolerant and criminal side of god. When anyone points out one of those verses, they flip out, lose their temper and claim its outdated, or taken out of context, or worse many will actually defend it,  saying the crimes and genocides committed  by their holy-figure is justified because they disobeyed his demands & desires!

2) The attack-mechanism: believers tend to criticize the followers of other religions and even bash their books by doing the exact opposite. When judging other’s religions they don’t look at the decent passages that are followed by its believers (which is exactly what they are doing), nah they tend to only look at the hard passages and base their whole judgment solely on it. In this way they feel assured that they’re following the truthful decent religion while others are following the evil flawed religion = pure wisdom + intelligent strategy!

I do understand why the majority of believers tend to apply the first mechanism whether when they’re reading their holy books for themselves or when they debating with other believers or non-believers. I did the exact same thing with my religion, back in my childhood years when I accepted the theory of god. This is quite a natural outcome, when you match the ancient morality of the bible with our modern-day morality, it doesn’t match, so we must cut out allot of verses and passages, to be able to live in a society which has a far more elevated sense of compassion and morality than the ancient morality preached by ancient religions.

For that I do respect moderate believers (95% of my family and friends belong to this category), however I cannot respect their religion, why would I? The vulgar content of their books speaks for itself. Why are we today forced to respect religion as if it’s immune from criticism or any wrong doings? You can’t command respect, or force people to respect your belief system because you think it ought to be respected, I can only respect something that is respectable and deserves to be respected.

Moreover, I especially have zero respect for believers who apply the two mechanisms described above. Actually the far majority of believers do so unfortunately.  Instead of standing for other’s people right to believe, instead of defending each other, and preventing others from criticizing and misunderstanding the way they interrupt their religion, they are the ones leading this war against one another, and then they whine and complain and play the victim-role when others do the exact same thing –Hypocrites!! . Today this is mostly common among Christians, in the way they judge and even attack Muslims.

An example of double standards among believers:

A recent poll ran by EACE said that three quarters of non-Muslims believe that Muslim women are oppressed. Apparently, they look upon the Hijab (head-scarf) as a symbol of oppression.

 As a matter of fact if you compare all the most widely used books of believers, and were asked to range those books from the least cruel to the most cruel based on the frequency of primitive and abhorrent verses and passages, you’ll have the following arrangement: the Muslim book (Quran), the Christian books (New testament & Old testament), and lastly the Jewish books (Torah and Talmud). LOL, out of those believers, the Muslims happen to be the most criticized, when their book happens to be the most decent out of all!! Unlike the other two abrahamic religions, the Muslims preserved the original copy of the Quran, according to their beliefs, they cannot change, alter or omit and verse, yet even though it was never edited, its still far more decent than other religions who have edited their books. The truth can be shocking huh?

You can see for yourself, look them up online, and then locate those verses in your books just to make sure it was translated correctly and it wasn’t taken out of context.

Nevertheless, I don’t think many would actually accomplish this task without being awfully biased and defensive, most probably will just look into other religions’ absurd verses and ignore the ones in their own books claiming such verses are fake and cannot be true because ‘they know their god’ or ‘they know their books well enough’ . I guess deep down they know by doing so they’re endangering their faith. From experience I think most believers avoid reading such passages because they know the consequence of doing so, it will only make their faith weaker – although few will admit it, not even to themselves.

All the followers of the abrahamic religions believe their book was inspired by god. Growing up, I accepted it, I never actually read the whole book, as most people I only listned to our teacher who would of course only select the verses and stories that shows the decent side of god. However, allot of things didn’t make sense, like the principle of free-will and destiny, we are told god has already planned out our life, yet we will be judged for our choices, when supposedly he created us that way. This made me attempt to read the whole thing, the more I read it, the weaker my faith became, eventually I lost my faith in faith completely.

What are we to make of a god who is supposed to be morally perfect and represent a moral ideal when, at the same time, religious holy books makes this god out to be an immoral monster? How can a god that commands mass slaughter, slavery and rape also be the source for morality?

Rejecting the moral perfection of God also entails the possibility that God commits immoral acts. That is a necessary implication of imperfection. A god that acts immorally, though, wouldn’t merit worship. The whole basis for God being worthy of worship stems from the premise that God is perfect and holy. If God is not only imperfect but also immoral and unholy, then why worship it? How come we are far more moral, peaceful, and smarter than the gods described in holy books? A god who sees punishments, torture and genocide as the only solution to solve a problem??

Anyways, to back up my conclusion (the two mechnisms), in the following posts, i’ll  provide some samples of those utterly shocking verses and passages found in the quran, OT & NT bible, torah and talmud.

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10 Responses to The double standards & hypocrisy of mainstream religions

  1. ABZM says:

    I stopped reading after this: “this is mostly common among Christians, in the way they judge and even attack Muslims.” then you wrote “Muslims happen to be the most criticized, when their book happens to be the most decent out of all”.

    You attack Christians then you defend Muslims. I think you are the HYPICRATE here, why do atheists often focus on criticizing christianity? It is really sickening!

    Bashing me does not hurt, I have the comforter to help with the wounds. The one thing that I would like to say is, no matter the religion or not, God said, touch not my anointed, so, peoples, you have no idea who you are talking to. So, I suggest that it stop, because, you do not want to have to come before Jesus. We are His children and He does not like anyone messing with His children. Just letting you know if you never heard this.

    He may wait until the trumpet sounds before he deals with the offense. Have a wonderful day. OH! I am not bashing…..I am speaking so, some will not be bashed by the greatest basher of all….Jesus…King of Kings…Lord of Lords.

    • maria911 says:

      ABZM: “some will not be bashed by the greatest basher of all….Jesus…King of Kings…Lord of Lords.”

      hahaha at least you’re acknowledging your god is not morally perfect, since he keeps on bashing people and according to you he’s gonna bash some more people, how noble, how totching how godly??

      “you defend Muslims”

      Just to make it clear I don’t defend Islam- the religion (read my previous posts)! I do however defend Muslims-the people, if they are truly innocent of the crimes they’re being associated with. The far majority of muslims are moderate muslims who as all believers tend to apply only the good parts of their religion. In recent years it became like a new phenomena to hate on muslims, I’ve recently seen a disturbing poll on the news regarding racism, many people said its wrong to say any racist remarks unless its against Muslims then its OK because they ‘deserve it’???….. Its really sickening how muslims are being de-humanized in the eyes of western public, hate is being manufactured to justify wars in the muslim countries to rob their resources, I thought killing and stealing is one of the two main commandments. Its urgent to defend and help the oppressed, helpless & defenseless, in this case it’s clearly the muslims.
      Ignorance, hate, prejice and indifference is allowing the oppression of the muslims to continue to escalate!

      The history of an oppressed people is hidden in the lies and the agreed myth of its conquerors.
      -Meridel Le Sueur

      Human beings are so made that the ones who do the crushing feel nothing; it is the person crushed who feels what is happening. Unless one has placed oneself on the side of the oppressed, to feel with them, one cannot understand.
      -Simone Weil

  2. Andrew.S says:

    If the world hate you, ye know that it hated me before it hated you. If ye were of the world, the world would love his own: but because ye are not of the world, but I have chosen you out of the world, therefore the world hateth you.
    – John 15:18-19

    Blessed are ye, when men shall revile you, and persecute you, and shall say all manner of evil against you falsely, for my sake. Rejoice, and be exceeding glad: for great is your reward in heaven: for so persecuted they the prophets which were before you.
    -Matthew 5:11-12

    Jesus warned us this would happen, just another truth from the bible. They prove the word of God and do not even know they do. Bless you.

    • maria911 says:

      Nice quotes buddy – but sorry its totally irrelevant to the issue im discussing! I don’t think im hatin on you!!

      I dont get why many Christians feel they’re hated or they’re being prosecuted or bullied by atheists?? Its a decent debate, thats all, so what if we disagree with you or if we have something to say about your religion?

      Its true there are some atheists who do attack believers and call them stupid, delusional, and retarded etc, and they’re generaly disrespectful to other believers when they discuss their faith, they often tend to mock them and laugh at them. On the other hand we got believers who say atheists are immoral or have no reason to be moral and many threaten them with hell. Belivers are constantly complaining about their religious rights, or compaling about someone or something oppressing them and even though they are the large majority, and most things are being done according to theor desires. Anyways clearly such disrespectful and hateful attitudes are coming from both sides.

      Lat but not least You gotta understand Atheism is not an organized society or an organization, we dont stick to a certain agenda, everyone has their opinions, their own reasons to disbelief and each have their own way of debating religion. So let’s not lump everyone together shall we?

  3. Hannah M.R says:

    The only reason true Christianity is “bashed” by atheist more than any other religion is because satan will not bother with the others because he already has them in his camp. Those who worship the Risen Son of God, Jesus Christ, should count it all joy when experiencing persecution for His Name’s sake. Do not worry about it. He went to the cross and He gave His life for us. He rose again for us. How does a little “bashing” by the lost make any difference to us? It doesn’t.

  4. Faith-Powered says:

    Amen Andrew! I really don’t get why do atheists and skeptics continually bash Christians? I noticed that there are many atheists who seem to make a career out of bashing Christians. Atheists seem to be mostly against Christianity, yet will defend other religions. Why is that? It would seem like they would be against all religions that believe in a supernatural being of any kind, but some only want to bash Christianity, while actually defending other religions.
    -Your are what they call a BIASED-atheist.

  5. Child of God says:

    I agree with everyone else here. Atheists are trying to censor Christianity, Christians are just fighting to hold on to their basic rights, which the first amendment granted them, yet those rights are being denied by atheist humanists. So you seem to have things in reverse! It’s actually the atheistic society trying to force their views on Christians in public arenas such as schools and politics . The first amendment says congress can’t make any laws forbidding the exercise of religion, and that would include schools and politics. Infact! It was the church that started the first schools in America.

    Atheists are spending like 12 hours a day bashing something they don’t want any part of, as if their minds are possessed with the idea of bashing Christians. (Like they love doing it), or they’re addicted to the idea.

  6. maria911 says:

    Woaaah – Clam down y’all, first of all I’m not ‘bashing’ ANY religion, I’m examining, discussing, debating etc etc.

    In the debate-world, your approach of debate is invalid, because you have resorted to using FALLACIES –Here is a “3” obvious fallacies you have used:

    a)Missing the point fallacy: The premises of an argument do support a particular conclusion—but not the conclusion that the arguer actually draws.

    The whole point of this post is to show the double standards of the believers, both in the way the interrupt their own religion and the way they judge and criticize other believers, when they should all support each other and respect each other’s beliefs….You ALL have only picked on few statements and completely IGNORED the rest – Indirectly you have proven me right – you are using the attack-mechanism, lol

    Regarding my point on the hypocrisy of Christians in the way the criticize Muslims, how exactly is this is biased, do prove me wrong if you think otherwise. Im not generalizing, there are objective Christians of course, but sadly, today such attitude are still common not only among the average Christians but also among some intellectuals and educated people. Why is it okay for them to criticize others in a clear biased way, and then they’ll flip out when anyone points out their double standards?

    Moreover, I don’t see such attitudes coming from Muslims directed to Christians. Provide me with just one example in which Muslims have criticized Christians just because they’re Christians.

    They both do criticize each other-no doubt, but the methodology used is quite different. The majority of Muslims tend to criticize the “actions” of Christians, such as prejudice towards Muslims, hate-crimes and the crusaders etc etc.

    While the majority of Christians tend to criticize the radical Islamcists and terrorist groups, however they quickly link it to the Quran and claim Islam is a terrorist religion, and then they tend to generalize and claim all Muslims are Satan worshippers. LOL, haven’t they read their own bible?? Really sometimes it better for them not to say a word, if its gonna fire back at them and put them in the EXACT same position they’re putting others in.

    Some up to date examples:

    I.The controversy over the so-called ground zero mosque; Muslim Americans were not allowed to have a small space for prayer because of the prejudice of some Christian Americans who tend to mix politics with intolerance.

    II.Jordan is an Arabic country; the majority are Muslims, while others are Christians, Druze and Baha’i. Each year they all welcome millions of Christians who come over for pilgrimage. Churches and mosques are all over the country, nobody ban any group from having a space for worship.

    III. Radical Muslims verses Radical Chrisitans: Its essential to differentiate between the radical few and the moderate majority.
    The Muslims who protested against those who criticized Islam and encouraged Muslims to behead those who insult Islam or Mohammed were uneducated radicals. Those disturbing phootages was replayed repeatedly in all media causing people worldwide to believe that all Muslims around the world have nothing better to do than running around screaming ‘jihad’ and saying other racist -terrorist remarks against those who criticize their religion. Non of the popular media outlets reported the Muslims who outnumbered those radicals and protested against them, and few media outlets has mentioned the fact that the vast majority of Muslims are moderate people who do not share similar opinions. I don’t understand why those journalists haven’t bothered to interview those radicals or to investigate the source which pushed them to protest.

    There are loads of imams out there who are corrupted; they use religion as a tool to gather the masses. Moreover there have been proven fake preachers who promote terrorism.
    -Example: Fake Al Qaeda Actors EXPOSED! Adam Gadahn & Yousef al-Khattab

    Those same media outlets make sure people don’t generalize when it comes to issues related to Christians, knowing how much it can affect public opinions. For instance you all have seen the Radical Christians like the KKK or those who protest against gay marriages or during ceremonies of American Soldiers using extreme hateful derogatory banners. So how are the radical Muslims any different? what’s the double standards for? In both cases those attitudes are only promoted by the few radicals and not by the moderate majority.

    IV. Compare the aid given to Haiti and Pakistan:

    The time lag between those two catastrophies isn’t that significant to change or affect the situation of the world economy. So why aren’t there any effective campaigns or worldwide support like the ones organized for Haiti? Why is the world unmoved by the floods in paksitan. ‘The floods in Pakistan have affected some TWENTY MILLION people, making it one of the worst humanitarian crises in modern history. But international interest has been low, and aid has only been trickling in, especially when compared to the recent earthquake in Haiti.’

    Nan Buzard with the American Red Cross says to date, they’ve raised close to $470 million dollars for Haiti. Shortly after the earthquake struck Haiti earlier this year, aid poured in. At one point, donations being sent by text message were reportedly arriving at a rate of $200,000.00 an hour. And about 2 million to 3 million people were affected in Haiti, depending on how you count affected. In Pakistan, the numbers now are saying that 20 million have been affected, and we have raised LESS than a million dollars.

    I’ve seen people complaining about their economy, refusing to donate even one pound and even criticizing their own government for giving couple of millions – why is that?? People are people, why are some biased when it comes to their compassion to other’s people need, since when ethnicity and religion stands in our way of duty? – Mind you this is not directed to Christians specifically but to people of all faiths including Muslims of different sects.


    b) Ad hominem and tu quoque fallacy:
    The ad hominem (“against the person”) and tu quoque (“you, too!”) fallacies focus our attention on people rather than on arguments or evidence. In both of these arguments, the conclusion is usually “You shouldn’t believe So-and-So’s argument.” The reason for not believing So-and-So is that So-and-So is either a bad person (ad hominem) or a hypocrite (tu quoque).

    In an ad hominem argument, the arguer attacks his or her opponent instead of the opponent’s argument.

    This is blog is clearly dedicated to debate religion culture and politics, nobody is forcing you to read it, you can simply leave my blog if you’re not up for a debate. Sorry I cant stand people with severe victim mentality who resort to senseless personal attacks to avoid addressing the points I’ve mentioned.

    I have provided a reasonable argument and backed it up with examples. So if you disagree with my conclusions or my approach, then may you please elobarate, disuss and debate. Also i’m discussing the concept of religion in general; in this post I have addressed THREE religions for the purpose of providing examples.


    c) Red herring fallacy:
    Partway through an argument, the arguer goes off on a tangent, raising a side issue that distracts the audience from what’s really at stake. Often, the arguer never returns to the original issue.

    You all made it sound like atheists are attacking Christians and trying to take away your rights! Lol….Of course you have the right to believe in anything you want, its immoral to take away relgion when so many people need it, because they find comfort, support and hope in faith. The vast majority of my friends and family are belivers, I respect their choice and I never even debate religion with them. Whats the point anyways? I don’t mind it as long as believers as understand there are limits!! You cannot force your principles onto others (especially in the political form) nor can you prevent others from enjoying the same rights.

    anyways thanks 4 ur comments –interesting to read 🙂

  7. maria911 says:

    Child of God: “Atheists are spending like 12 hours a day bashing something they don’t want any part of, as if their minds are possessed with the idea of bashing Christians.(Like they love doing it), or they’re addicted to the idea.”

    Faith-powered: “I noticed that there are many atheists who seem to make a career out of bashing Christians.”

    LOL, im not trying to make a career out of blogging, im seeking a career in engineering actually (its far more intresting :P) …im new to this world of blogs,I don’t realy know how to increase my blogging traffic or put up ads for profit, ah im not even interested.

    I started this summer out of boredom & frustration cuased by the ignorance of many people. Some people are just better in expressing themselves through words, and blogging is a good way to vent things out I think. These days it seems like debating sensitive topics such as religion and politics became somehow forbidden and anyone who speaks out is silenced and labeled as a hater or racist. …Honestly there aren’t many people around me who are educated about worldwide issues or people who can discuss such topics objectively, soo that’s why I blog….Don’t worry im going back to school in a month – I’ll stop then 😛

  8. a.j.Burger says:

    I say EPIC win by Maria…. just making statements and observations without telling the group as a whole is at a fault…seeing the bigger picture…then comes the true (hihihi only in his mind) believer…and what does his narrow mind do….exactly what Maria predicted…proving the point.
    the best quote to you bashers is this….
    “I contend we are both atheists, I just believe in one fewer god than you do. When you understand why you dismiss all the other possible gods, you will understand why I dismiss yours.” ~ Stephen F. Roberts

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