Opinion: Religion is a social norm for the weak & simple minded!

“In those parts of the world where learning and science has prevailed, miracles have ceased; but in those parts of it as are barbarous and ignorant, miracles are still in vogue” -Ethan Allen


“Organized religion is a sham and a crutch for weak-minded people who need strength in numbers. It tells people to go out and stick their noses in other people’s business.”- Jesse Ventura

-Video: Satire-can be applied to all relgions not just Christianity

In the past religion sustained and enforced morality no doubt, religion was a mean to maintain stability and order, however; today science and technology advanced the tools and means used to preserve law and order.

Morality, humanity, equality, compassion, strength of character and will to power are all the qualities needed to guide us to remain on the right moral path, and they’re far more sensible than some unrealistic fear from punishments and hell.

In the past that sort of exaggerated fear was needed to make sure the vast majority will not commit any kind of crime because there is this powerful figure that sees all and will eventually revenge for any sin-doing. Religion was able to reaffirm collective morals and beliefs in the minds of all members of society. This is important, because if left to their own for a long amount of time, the beliefs and convictions of individuals will weaken in strength, and require reinforcement, religion does the job nicely. However, today with science and technology we got specialized fields dedicated to preserve order and to prevent crime, and if it happens we got genetics and forensics to signal out the outlaws, and law systems to preserve justice etc…. Simply as time passes, civilization progresses, and we find new means to adapt to the changes,  its your choice to move along or get stuck in the Medieval ages –the clock is ticking!!

Those who came before us needed blind faith as a way to face reality and to understand the mysteries of life and death around them, at that time science and knowledge was in its earliest stages. Curiosity and the desire for answers, ultimately lead people to assign causes to things,  through frustration at not knowing, as with Theism. They gave credit to supernatural figures for the existence of anything, for so long they were pleased with that answer; ‘God did it’. This gave much more confidence, hope and meaning to their life

One of the most obvious examples that illustrate the harshness in accepting reality is death. Instinctively we are all fear death; nothing can make us accept the death of our love ones, it will forever remain a scar in our soul as long as we live…Here comes the illusion of religions which makes it so appealing to the emotional human beings –the concept of heaven and after-life. Who wouldn’t want this to be true? A weak person might not be able to deal with the idea of “the end”, and thus will turn to religious belief, denial is far less harsher.When I first started questioning religion, death was the hardest question of all, it was hard to give up the idea of after-life, that’s why I was  identified myself as Agnostic rather than Atheist.

With all respect to believers, religion is a crutch —  Religion is for the weak, helpless, fearful and ignorant individuals.  Frankly that’s the formula that you get when you try to equate religion with reason!! …I don’t mean to be rude, but that’s reality.

The weaker a person is, the more likely they are to be religious because of the comfort and answers it gives to difficult questions, religion can empower an individual, through the false sense of comfort, hope, rewards, second chances ..etc. As the sating  saying goes: “Ignorance is bliss”!  Its much easier to believe in the beautiful lie than to accept the ugly truth.

“When the soulution is simple, God is answering ” Albert Einstein.

“Religion. It’s given people hope in a world torn apart by religion.” Jon Stewart

Religion = Social Norm

Our behaviour is reflection of our principles (such as morality) and priorities. Religion was not divinely or supernaturally inspired and was in fact a product of society. Religion can be perceived as a social norm that sustains and facilates morals, it isn’t by any mean the source of morality. Social norms  is the product of the influence of social pressure that is perceived by the individual (normative beliefs) to perform or not perform a certain behavior.

“For we know today that a religion does not necessarily imply symbols and rites, properly speaking, or temples and priests. This whole exterior apparatus is only the superficial part. Essentially, it is nothing other than a body of collective beliefs and practices endowed with a certain authority.”
(1973, p. 51 [excerpt from “Individualism and the Intellectuals”])

” Religion is something eminently social. Religious representations are collective representations which express collective realities; the rites are a manner of acting which take rise in the midst of assembled groups and which are destined to excite, maintain, or recreate certain mental states in these groups. So if the categories are of religious origin, they ought to participate in this nature common to all religious facts; they should be social affairs and the product of collective thought. At least — for in the actual condition of our knowledge of these matters, one should be careful to avoid all radical and exclusive statements — it is allowable to suppose that they are rich in social elements.”
(Thompson, 1982, p. 125 [excerpt from The Elementary Forms of the Religious Life]).

‘Religion acted as a source of solidarity and identification for the individuals within a society. Religion provided a meaning for life, it provided authority figures, and most importantly, it reinforced the morals and social norms held collectively by all within a society. Far from dismissing religion as mere fantasy, despite its natural origin, it is a critical part of the social system. Religion provides social control, cohesion, and purpose for people, as well as another means of communication and gathering for individuals to interact and reaffirm social norms.’ ((1999, 2003  L. Joe Dunman)

Religion is a functional source of social cohesion. Religion acts to pull people together (mentally and physically, in the form of relgious services or assemblies). By doing so, religion is able to reaffirm collective morals and beliefs in the minds of all members of society. This is important, because if left to their own for a long amount of time, the beliefs and convictions of individuals will weaken in strength, and require reinforcement. Religion maintains the influence of society — whereas “society” represents the norms and beliefs held in common by a group of individuals.

The era when religions flourished has passed, you can either choose between progress or going back to a primitive stage. In modern day religions are merely organized cults looking for the weak and simple minded. Religion appeals to those who want to feel accepted and loved for no other reason but for exiting, also for those who would like to belong to something massive, all those human needs that can be satisfied easily and quickly by believing in legends and mythical characters rather than working for it….. Stronger individuals are able to move forwards because they’re willing to think, and live outside of the box.

The truth is we all need someone to lean on time to time, you can find real support among your friends and family rather than in imaginary friends. Atheists don’t need an imaginary friend to console themselves with. They have other more effective methods to cope with life, but the trick here those methods are far more challenging both mentality and physically, not many people are up for this challenge, which makes religion far more appealing for the simple minded even at this age and time. …Believing in religion is an excuse not to think, its much easier than questioning the meaning of life, it’s easier to rely on ready-fixed answers rather than asking the hard questions or developing your scheme of thinking searching for reason and logic. It’s easy and comfy to believe in something you have been told and never question anything in life-Its all there in the book. Even if its completely insensible to grasp, you’ll find allot of believers (self-deluisiners) who are ready to come up with creative explanations to defend it. Ironlicaly at the same time they love to claim, its wriiten by divine more who knows it all and is capable of everything, then why are you defending it? Why are al belivers turning into lawayers fighting science and bashing evolution, which happens to be the only reasonable and factual element in our life??

“There is not any thing, which has contributed so much to delude mankind in religious matters, as mistaken apprehensions concerning supernatural inspiration or revelation; not considering that all true religion originates from reason, and can not othe.”-Ethan Allen


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