Debating religion: A belief verses its Believers.

As I have already mentioned in the ‘About’ section of this blog, I will be addressing the political issues in the Middle East, which is undisputably linked with religion at different degrees.

Please note this blog is not like those popular sites and blogs on the net that are constantly bashing Islam irrationally in a complete biased way, such sites obviously specializes in demonizing Muslims and directing hate towards them, rather than reaching out to those people.

Remember-“Always Judge a religion by its Scripture – Never by its people!”

I am a secular person, I do not believe in the supernatural, but I do respect other’s people right to believe, likewise I hope religious people would respect my choice to ‘not’ believe.

Clearly Muslims today range from the extremist minority to the moderate majority, the way they interrupt the Quran and apply it varies greatly from one country to another and more importantly from one individual to another. The extremist few happen to be the cause of most troubles in the Middle East. While other cultural issues are linked with the rest unpolitilzed muslim majority, although those questionable behaviours are not widely spread unlike what’s being exaggerated in mainstream media especially the western media, one can’t deny that these issues still exits and will continue to exist due to its connection to the Islamic teaching. No matter how you try to preach modernization and moderation in religion, you cannot control how every individual identifies with their religion and most importantly to what degree? And whether if they will allow blind faith to dominate their logic and reason? Why should we constantly be worried of such individuals who cross the line. Personaly I believe giving up religion and allowing our strength of character to guide us, instead of an irrational fear from a ghost figure.

Anyhow I don’t have a problem with vast moderate majority since their form of faith and actions clearly does not interfere with any one’s else rights.

However, respecting their right to believe in certain religion does NOT mean I will refrain from addressing the content and scriptures of that religion if it happens to be linked to any immoral act or violence. We need to address the very core of those religious –linked issues to be able to understand what allows it to exist in the first place; barely addressing the surface of those issues is like foolishly thinking that patting a wound would ease the pain without attempting to heal it, which will no doubtly eliminate the pain once and for all…. The way I see it, we are better off without religion, the concept of religion is illogical and mythical, all books are filled with countless errors and contradictions, believing in such theories will only divide us and will continue to push people against each other, like it did since its birth. Religions are the source of division, hate, wars & conflicts.  Im NOT talking about how it can be misused as a form of propaganda, but rather its content that encourages division and discrimination based on faith. Politics only further pushes such behaviours & opinions from an individual level to a state level.

I don’t discuss religion in public, mainly to respect the choice of the believers, and also since the majority of religious people are not capable of having an intellectual debate without getting way too emotional, and worst there are allot of believers who take it as a personal attack or judgment. But I will do the unthinkable here, lol 😛 … I will be addressing any religion if it happens to be linked to any immoral crime. I will also be addressing the ‘logic in religions’, if you somehow find debating religion to be morally or personally offending, then I find not doing so to be intellectually offending, so if you’re easily offended, then just don’t bother reading it, nobody is pushing it in your face, it’s your choice.

Beside Islam, the same concept applies to other religions, the most debatable two being Judaism and Christianity. The former happen to be linked to many war-crimes and atrocities committed today, while the latter happen to be less policialized since the majority of Christians today live under secular governments, which is frankly not any better and are responsible of crimes against humanity like those committed in the name of religion.

So whether an immoral act, violence or violations of human rights are committed by religious sects or governments its ought to be addressed, evaluated and investigated. Similarly as we should distinguish between believers and their system of belief, we should distinguish between a government’s agenda and the opinions of their citizens, so there is no need for irrational hatful verbal attacks, an intellectual debate sound like a much cooler approach 😀

Peace yoo ….

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